Apple Chutney Charoset

An Apple a Day keeps the Doctor Away

An apple a day keeps the doctor away

Vata: Decreases

Pitta: Neutral

Kapha: Decreases

Season: Spring

This apple chutney can be served for Passover or with any meal. Substitute other fruit for apples to make other fresh fruit chutneys. If you add cinnamon, substitute walnuts for coconut and Manischewitz (sweet red wine) for spicy oil, you’ll have a traditional Charoset for Passover. For a Sephardic Charoset add raisins, dates, figs and sesame seeds. Many cultures have spring rituals, like Lent, where fasting and cleansing allow the body to purge winter toxins in readiness for Spring and new healthy growth. In the Pacific Northwest, our spring comes early and Ayurvedic Apple Chutney variations can be enjoyed on warm, wet days (after some cold ones). For someone with high Vata and constipation, a raw apple is cleansing. If you have the opposite issue (diarrhea), then by all means cook your apples and enjoy fresh applesauce. Make the choices that are best for you. An apple a day keeps the doctor away!


  • 3 cored, finely chopped raw apples (peeled if not organic)
  • 1/4 t salt (omit for Charoset)
  • 1 t honey or other sweetener (more for Charoset)
  • 1 cup coconut flakes (or toasted chopped walnuts)
  • 3 T spicy oil (OR Manishewitz and cinnamon)


1. Mix ingredients of choice.

2. Adjust salt/honey to taste.

3. To make Spicy Oil, heat 3 T vegetable (canola) oil in a pan with 1 t mustard seeds. When seeds pop,  add 1/2 t cumin seeds, 1/2 t  turmeric and a pinch of hing. Remove from heat. DO NOT COMBINE SPICY OIL AND MANISHEWITZ.

Serves: 6

Preparation time: 10 minutes

For Individual Doshas:

Vata: Sprinkle with sesame or chia seeds.

Pitta: Replace mustard seeds with coriander seeds.

Kapha:  Add a dash of cayenne.


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